Passion Dance - String Orch. Version (PDF DOWNLOAD ONLY)

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This version for strings, harp and percussion comes as a PDF download score and parts - 1 Trumpet Solo, 8 Violin 1, 8 Violin 2, 5 Viola, 5 Cello, 5 Bass, 1 Harp and 2 Percussion.

Passion Dance was originally scored for B-Trumpet, Violin and Piano. This current version eliminates the Violin and Piano parts in favor of a fuller instrumentation, namely the string orchestra with harp and percussion. The piece is based around the style of a modern tango. I drew much inspiration from listening to the excellent compositions of Astor Piazzolla, perhaps one of the greatest tango composers and performers of our time. The form has an interesting 8-bar/12-bar form in the beginning with trumpet. Afterwards, the violin and cello solos present a slight variation on the theme. Common to many modern tangos is a contrasting middle section. Here the harp plays a rubato solo in the very high register which further gives the piece a warm, introspective quality. Then all the instruments join in on a variation of the melody, this time with a classic tango rhythmic ostinato. The piece continues to build with intensity and speed to the end.

ISMN # 979-0-800118-20-3

level: Med. Difficult

duration: 4 min. 35 secs.

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