Through Space and Time


Through Space and Time 00098

“Through Space and Time” was inspired by the great soundtracks of the Sci-fi motion picture genre. The music is designed to evoke images of high adventure, space battles and rocket ships.
Optional C Trumpet parts are provided as an alternative to B-flat Trumpet 1 and B-flat Trumpet 2. Optional C Trumpet parts for B-flat Trumpets 3 & 4 are NOT included because those parts have a valve flutter effect at measure 129 that can't be satisfactorily produced on a C Trumpet.
“Through Space and Time” was commissioned, premiered by the students of Hiroaki Hayasaka (trumpet master based in Kyoto, Japan) in honor of his 60th birthday.

ISMN # 979-0-800118-39-5

Difficulty: College to Pro Level

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Options: Complete Set (0) Score Only (-12) 1st Trumpet Part Only (-17.45) 2nd Trumpet Part Only (-17.45) 3rd Trumpet Part Only (-17.45) 4th Trumpet Part Only (-17.45) 1st Trumpet (in C opt.) Only (-17.45) 2nd Trumpet (in C opt.) Only (-17.45) Flugelhorn 1 Only (-17.45) Flugelhorn 2 Only (-17.45) Flugelhorn 3 Only (-17.45) Flugelhorn 4 Only (-17.45) Library Bound Version (6)